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Thank you so much, Jay.  Everything has arrived -- and in time for camping season, too.  Thank you for including the straws.  My kids love them and can now use them with impunity!  I love that!

It's always a pleasure buying from you folks.  I like your philosophy for improving the world and your continued dedication to providing quality products.  Over the years I have also really appreciated your strong customer orientation.

Elke - Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

I've been a customer of Life Without Plastic for about 5 years, and love all of the containers I've purchased (and plan to purchase).
I'm so against toxins that even our animals eat and drink only out of glass, fine china, or stainless steel. Which brings me to my latest purchase from you, the AR8 182 ml Stainless Steel Airthight Food Containers.
To avoid the synthetic vitamins and minerals added to pet foods, as well as the other unhealthy ingredients in those pet foods, I've resolved to feed our two cats not only raw food, but the same high quality organic raw meats, poultry and fish that I purchase for ourselves. While I have some of your larger containers in which to freeze freshly ground raw food, what I really wanted were small containers that I could put a day's portion in, freeze, thaw, and store in the refrigerator.
Today, while I was grinding up organic chicken, your AR8 SS containers arrived. Perfect timing! I've washed them and two are freezing the ground chicken, while the third contains today's meals. These fit my needs perfectly and I'll be ordering several more!
I'm so happy with your products!

I've seen similar (cheaper) "knockoffs" sold online and people complain that within days the latch mechanism breaks, or that they rust. Life Without Plastic is high quality, has weight, and some of your containers I've been using for 5 years. They've been frozen, heated, washed in the dishwasher (lids are washed by hand), taken right out of the freezer and placed directly on our woodstove and/or electric stove (with the lids off) to thaw the contents in a hurry, and they still work perfectly and look brand new.
Life Without Plastic is the first place I look for storage containers and because there is such a wide variety of options, I haven't had to look elsewhere for what I need, and shipping is very fast.
I've also listed your company and website in a book that is soon to be released. In 2009 I was diagnosed with a "rare and incurable" auto-immune disorder. I cured myself within 8 months (along with 2 other case studies), and my doctor urged me to write a book. In it I reference companies that provide healthy resources and Life Without Plastic is one of them.
Thank you for helping to keep us all well, and helping the environment.

Ginny - Colebrook, NH, USA

I literally went through a grieving period when the latest dreadful reports on plastic came my way via a Rodale website report and links. It brought me to tears when I looked at all the expensive, supposedly safe, plastics I had invested in and used over the last year with my youngest grandson. Words can hardly convey how precious his well being is to me! After three very low days, I prayed for a brighter outlook and some insight. Shortly afterward, I Googled and found your website. What a relief!

Though I had to pull out the credit plastic to immediately rid our cabinets of gobs of toddler related plastics and storage supplies, I feel comforted whenever I now open my kitchen cabinets and am greeted with a very retro vibe of glass, st. steel and ceramics. It could be the 1950s in there! Even my newly acquired silicone products have a decidedly retro look! I proudly show my new wares off to friends who come by, passing on the reports that inspired our changes.

When I take my grandson out, his SS. bottle gets immediate attention! Especially from nannies. My grandson immediately loved it. But he is all boy, so indestructibleness is crucial. Glass would not do! Nor is it even allowed in some of the places we regularly go.

I get similar ooohs and aaahs over my Chemex Coffee maker. I did not think my home ground, fresh roasted, organic coffees could possibly be improved. Boy was I wrong! What a joy to get increased coffee bang for my coffee bucks!

Thanks for providing the haven so many of us have turned to during this time of catastrophic letdown by so many products we believed were safe for our loved ones.


Jo Ellyn - Richmond, Virginia, USA

I am so grateful for you helping out with my order like this, thank you. I don't think I have ever experienced such extraordinary service and assistance, really! I'll be recommending you to all my friends for sure.

...I just wanted to say that we looooooved the products we bought from you - especially the airtight food containers in your own brand, they are awesome and I wish we had bought more of them! And also the smaller sizes :)

Once again, thank you so much for offering amazing products and knowledge in how to live plastic free. It is not always easy to find alternatives.

And thank you for making our purchase possible! We are now back in Sweden after our road trip in California and our using our new stainless steel stuff every day.

Carina - Stockholm, Sweden

I must tell you that your customer service with this matter has been one of the most impressive that I have ever experienced:prompt, courteous and with integrity. As a business owner this is something I would take great pride in and as your customer,I can tell you you have sincerely gained my support and recommendations.
Best wishes on your team's continued success!

Neda - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

As a Mom and High School teacher who is DETERMINED to raise her kids, all 206 of them, with as little plastic and as much awareness as possible I just wanted to say thank you! This is absolutely fabulous. I love your website for what it carries but I also love your website for existing because as a limiting plastics mom I often feel completely alone, and it's nice to know there are other people who feel similarly. Thank you for your work. From a Canadian educated American living in France and working in Switzerland who thinks every child has the right NOT to grow up in a garbage dump of useless plastic toys, lawn furniture, and "beauty" products.

Vanessa - France

I wanted to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in sending me that toothbrush. It took me and my family a long time to feel safe trying it out (we also had other trials from the doctors we were working on and had to finish first) but I was able to trial your toothbrush this past week and I have had success. It made me so giddy with excitement when I was able to feel clean teeth in my mouth from a toothbrush for the first time in longer then I can say. I will now be able to proudly tell all of my friends and followers about this amazing story, from your generous offer to me, to my experience, and in return I am going to buy more (as I will need them) and then let others I know try them off me for no charge to them to see if it works for them, and if so they can buy a pack from you and pass the experience along. I am hoping it becomes a chain effect where we can all help one another to try this very amazing gift. Personally it means a lot to me in many ways. My disease pre-disposes me to gum disease and so brushing and flossing are supposed to be done religiously, but with my allergic issues to them both I had given them up and slowly noticed I was having gum issues but knew there was nothing I could do at the time. Now that I have a toothbrush I may be able to make some gains in that area of my health life and since gum disease cuts 2-5years off a person's life, it is as if you guys have given me a few extra years in the scheme of things. It also means a lot to me in terms of working to feel like a normal person again. For each "everyday activity" I lose I lose another part of what society deems normal. And while I never will be nor do I strive to be normal, I do feel so happy getting to brush my teeth which is something my mom must be very excited about as well. I will admit as a child I was not a big fan of toothbrush time lol. So basically what I am saying is THANK YOU. (Ed. Note: Lisa asked that we identify her as a sufferer of mast cell disorder in the hope that her experience may help others.)

Lisa (mast cell disorder) - Davie, Florida, USA

Wow, talk about awesome customer service! Yes, I will try again when I have time, this weekend or next week. Thank you for extending the special offer for me! Maybe it’s a Firefox thing or maybe it is my company’s security but either way, I’ll use my own device and a different browser next time. Or maybe I’ll just give you a call – I might have more questions J. Thank you for such a meaningful and sincere response, and please know I am super happy with my previous order and fully intend to continue utilizing your company over Amazon. Have a great day!

Amanda - Columbus, Ohio, USA

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed discovering your website and the products that I purchased through it. I bring my lunch every day and was delighted to find the perfect size container for my salad and chicken, as well as my kids sandwiches and snacks. Such a great assortment and selection! 

But the best is the tumbler, which draws oohs and aahs from every New York barista for it's heft and shape. I use it by itself or with the rubber band from a keep cup for those places that are too big to remember the order. It would be great if you could come up with a less cumbersome band, but this is in no way a complaint. I'm just so delighted with it I wanted to let you know. 

Best regards,

Jenny - Brooklyn, NY, USA

Thank you!!! I just watched the video on your website about all the plastic the cows are eating in India. Such a sad story. It reminded me of how I found your website.... I was reading a lot about how plastic bottles and shopping bags are ending up in our oceans and polluting it to such a degree that there are entire huge "vortexes" of plastic trash floating around. I decided that I was going to stop buying any beverage that is sold in plastic, and carry my own shopping bags to the grocery store. That's when I found your website and the amazing produce bags you sell! I use them EVERY time I go shopping, instead of putting my produce into plastic. Anyway, I just wanted to share that little story with you, and let you know that your products have eliminated countless plastic bags from my life!

Jennifer - Santa Cruz, California, USA

Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. I appreciate that you'll send a replacement lid when you get some back in stock. Also, thanks for the added info (how to fix the lid or recycle it). So many companies could learn a lot from you & your company...it's also nice to read a company response email that is personal and not just manufactured script! I look forward to future purchases with LWP!

Melissa - Monroe, Michigan, USA

We really think you are great. In past years we have let our children choose a charity for Christmas and make a donation on behalf of family members. This year they chose to share your information instead of a donation and were so excited about it. I appreciate such a quick response.

Deb - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

I sincerely appreciate your prompt, courteous service and will not hesitate to recommend your site to both friends and family. Furthermore, I will not hesitate to order with you folks any time in the future, as the entire process has been an example of how an online business interested in true customer service should operate. Thanks again.

David - Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

Absolutely love the water dispenser we got for our camp/cottage. Nice to have the precision stainless faucet. The smaller outlet makes it easy to refill water bottles, tea kettle, etc. Really happy, and looks beautiful in the kitchen.

John - Williamsburg, MA, USA

Wow, wow, wow. Thank you for your response. (...) Your company is a model in customer service in a corporatized world. I appreciate your products and your philosophy. I often use company profiles in our Leadership & Management program to demonstrate examples of effective (and ineffective) customer relations – yours is definitely a leader! We are talking about mindfulness today and taking the time to consider how our actions as leaders affect others. After break I will share this experience. Ps, we love our water carafe and tumblers, leather fly swatters, stainless steel tumblers and other products we have purchased over the years. I also often recommend your products at the local water store where people admire the stainless steel containers. And we all have fun reminiscing about the days of milking cows and using cream cans.

Sherri - Saddle Lake, Alberta, Canada

This past week I received my order with the airtight containers. I am so impressed by the quality of your products and I really wanted to congratulate you on this. Thank you very much for everything.

Anastasia - Thessaloniki, Greece

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for sending us your 2012 catalogue! you have some fabulous new stuff! We absolutely love everything we have ever purchased from you and are with no doubt lifetime customers.

Daphne - Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived today. Thanks so much for taking care of things, and for my surprise steel tumbler. It was kind of you to include, and I know the kids will be so excited to see their new glasses, bowls, and plates. And we the parents are excited to have food-grade alternatives to plastic that won't break! Thanks to you and your crew for such great customer service and high quality products.

Cynthia - Newton, MA, USA

Hi, I wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for my order. The order arrived so quickly I wasn't even sure what it was. I didn't think it could have gotten here so quickly! The children were so excited to find they each had a plate! Your customer service oriented approach to business will ensure your continued success in 2012 I'm sure. As for the plates and bowls, they are amazing! The bowls are much cuter in person than even the picture shows. They are a perfect size for soups, oatmeal, cereal.. really anything, not too big and not too small. The plates are much heavier than I thought they would be, but again a wonderful size. Thanks so much for providing wonderful products and terrific customer service! When the need arises for more items of this nature, you'll be my first and only stop! Thanks so much

Karen - Little Falls, New York, USA

I just want to thank you for your prompt and very satisfactory response when one of the containers in my recent order turned out to be leaky. I have ordered from you before and always been satisfied with the product and the service, but I was especially pleased at how quickly and unhesitatingly you supplied me with a replacement container when I had a problem.

Melissa - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

A sincere THANK YOU for making this healthy lifestyle so easy! I have never met you, but let me say it brings an ease and a relief to know you have someone you can trust and is willing to put all their efforts, time and knowledge and dedications to help you give a better and safer life to your family and help our planet. I have only found with you that there is no need to read in between the lines with the products and description, as I have found on many, many websites. It's disappointing and exhausting to research what they have left out or some misleading wording. I have only found with you that you truly only sell non toxic products without plastic. I very much appreciate the thorough details with your products, and the knowledge you are passing on to make an intelligent decision. I know more about the products then the other websites I have visited that sell what they think is the same item. I found you have to be careful. You have a great thing going, and I as many sure appreciate it very much. I could go on- but I know you are very busy. I just wanted to let you know thank you for being truthful with your advertisements and taking the guess work out of what you are getting. thank you again- I so appreciate it!! thank you again truely am grateful for all your efforts, time, knowledge and concern is so very much appreciated. Your new biggest fan

Gina - Santa Barbara, California, USA

Good day! We received our parcel this past Friday. Awesome bottle! The tray and straws are a big hit. Very impressed with the quality. We will definitely be repeat shoppers. Thank you.

Beverly - Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada

Thank you so much, Jay [for the discount]. I didn't really expect that. I will place my order next week in case there is anything else I wish to add at this time. Your website, Ten Thousand Villages and Lee Valley Tools are my first choice when looking for things for me and my home. I love that you are constantly on the search for new products and the quality is outstanding. I certainly appreciate the good work that you do.

Judy - Wolseley, Saskatchewan, Canada

Very nice store and products, thank you. I have been going back and forth to your site for months and finally took the plunge, ordering a couple of the items. They are fantastic. I was worried they would be thin like camping plates, but they are beautiful and look very finished... I would like to use only SS in my house and look forward to getting more fine products from your store. Thank you,

Sarosh - Washington, D.C., USA

Hi there, I just did a segment on plastic and how to avoid it on my blog, Beatrice the Biologist: www.beatricebiologist.com. During my research, I found your site. Great stuff! Just wanted to send you a line saying you are awesome. Thanks for doing what you do!

Katie - Los Angeles, California, USA

We love your products! We started out with the colorful cereal bowls for our twin babies. As they have grown to toddlers we have added the Klean Kanteen sippy cups and stainless steel plates and tumblers. We have since added a new baby to the family and at 7 months old she recognizes her hand-me-down cereal bowls as a cue for meal time. We also have the water storage containers. Thanks to the fantastic bottle brush you sell we can now use the water storage containers for diluted fruit juice or even milk! The twins also love their wooden hairbrush. The soft bristles have changed hairbrushing from an avoided personal care task to an accepted and sometimes even requested one. Thank you. We look forward to continuing to add your products to our home.

Matthew & Maria - Freehold, New York, USA

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! We will definitely put the current cup aside for when my son is older and drinks with less gusto. We look forward to trying out the new cup - very kind of you to send us one! Thank you for providing an excellent resource for those of us trying to provide our children with greener, safer products. We also appreciate the prompt and helpful customer service. Bravo!

Ruby - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canad

Thank you for your email. I had forgotten to order the spigot and am so thankful you informed me I hadn't. Would you please include the spigot for the dispenser with my current order ... Thanks again for your wonderful and thoughtful customer service.

Deborah - Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Folks, I'm completely thrilled to have found your website (I was Googling for "stainless steel ice tray"). Since the beginning of the year, I've been trying to do exactly as your name says -- live without plastic. Of course that's impossible at this time without completely withdrawing from modern life, but with constant attention, I'm bringing ever less plastic into my home and removing ever more. I've been steadily searching, locally and online, for products made from non-plastic materials, mainly wood, ceramic, glass, stainless steel, and silicone, and free of industrial additives. It was just a matter of time before I came upon your site, and I'm very pleased that I did. I'm especially glad to have discovered a new alternative material, namely the urushi lacquer used in some of your products. I've ordered several of your products to try out, and I expect to be back for more. Thank you so much for your mission, your products, and your attention not only to safe materials but also to safe, ethical, and sustainable production. Many of my friends are likewise paying attention to responsible consumption and minimizing plastic and synthetic materials, and I'll be telling all of them about your company. Regards and gratitude,

Chris - Austin, Texas, USA

I am a large fan of your product as well as your website. I have three little kids and feel so much better putting their food on stainless steel plates from your website rather than the regular baby plastic ones. I can sit comfortably knowing that they are not getting any added “stuff” in their food and also that nothing will break should it “fall” off the table. Anyhows, I have cups, bowls, plates etc. and love every piece! But – what I would really like to see you offer is stainless steel goblets / wine glasses………..something a bit more “dressy” to use……….I enjoy a glass of wine and it would be nice to be able to take these glasses outside etc. Also – a bit more fun for lemonade and iced tea on those hot summer days. A suggestion from a very satisfied customer.

Lori - George Town, Cayman Islands

Hi LWP, just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that i received my order just now and i am so thrilled. the GlassDharma straws are truly gorgeous. i knew they would be and they still blew me away. ice cube tray a wonderful addition! i can remember using the aluminum version as a child. (i have actually been using a stainless steel bowl to make ice for years!) the bread bag is a bit small for breadmaker bread. perhaps you could have two sizes there, for store-bought, and home baked? thank you again, i will be ordering again soon. absolutely love your site! devoted customer,

Daphne - Pritchard, British Columbia, Canada

We found your website a few months ago and ordered the children's cereal bowl set and mugs, klean kanteen small water bottles with the Avent adapters, and some larger klean kanteen storage containers. Our order was processed promptly and without error. Our twin toddlers love their bowls, mugs, and sippy cups. We're pleased we found lightweight, almost indestructible alternatives to plastic for our children. We will be expanding into your lunch box products next. Thank you.

Matthew & Maria - Cairo, New York, USA

I gave up plastic several years ago, which means I’ve been carrying my lunch to work in canning jars and Pyrex (r) dishes --- cumbersome, heavy, leaky, and prone to breaking. A search on the Web for stainless steel food storage containers led me to Life Without Plastic. The service provided was excellent, and the four-piece airtight set is wonderful --- lightweight, unbreakable, no leaks, and the dishes nest for easier transport home. Many thanks!

Susan - Ames, Iowa, USA

I want to send you a sincere email to let you know how happy my partner and I were when we stumbled upon an article about your fabulous business in the Ottawa Citizen. We, like many others, have been trying to weed out, or at least minimalize the involvement of plastic in our lives. Our eyes lit with excitement as I read the article aloud on a trip home to Ottawa from Toronto. We couldn't wait to get on-line to see what plastic alternative items you had in store. I also loved the fact that you guys are based so close to home. As a couple who spends much of our time preparing and enjoying food, we've become increasingly aware of the role of plastic use in the kitchen. From cooking utensils to our Britta water filter, we've been constantly thinking of alternatives to replace our common household items. It's only when you start eliminating things like plastic from your daily life that you really become aware of how extremely pervasive, taken for granted and naturalized these things are, not only in our individual lives but in our society as a whole (even despite health and environmental warnings!). Kudos and thank you for making this important issue your priority and passion.

Talia & Larry – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I know that the gift will be well received, as the new parents are very conscious of environmental issues, as we all should be. Bravo on your venture!

Shelley – Merrickville, Ontario, Canada

I appreciate your honesty telling me you wouldn't be able to meet my delivery date for Valentines Day for my Grandaughter... and crediting my account... I will most certainly use your company in the near future.

Bernadette – Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA

I'd like to to let you know that the shipment you sent to me (a set of airtight food containers and two lunch boxes) has arrived in good order. I look forward to greater confidence in carrying my healthy lunches to work. With thanks for your good service. [Ed.Note: And a year later, John sent us this feedback...] I've enjoyed almost a year now of good service from all of those containers. The airtight containers reliably carry soups and stews with no leaks. Durable, light, convenient sizes, and easy to clean.

John – Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Thank-you so much! I have told everyone about you! I come from an entrepreneurial family – so I know how challenging running your own business can be. I wish you much success – and thanks to you, I know my son is a little bit safer – he loves his sippy cup just as much as I love my water bottle!

Stephanie – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I applaud you on your efforts to offer child friendly products that do not include plastic. I discovered your site through Mothering magazine and have been sharing it with everyone I know. I plan to place an order as soon as I hear back from you.

Kara – Boxborough, Massachusetts, USA

Hello and I am so happy to find your site! I am constantly trying to find more information and better non-toxic products and yours are right in alignment with what I am looking for. I know how good your prices are for non plastic items, I've been looking!

Katie – Fairbanks, Arkansas, USA

I have been searching for plastic free containers for a while for my daughters and then realized that my husband and I need water bottles as well! I will DEFINITELY be purchasing more from you in the future. Thanks so much!

Leslie – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to send a quick note to say, I am so happy with my water bottle. It is great - the quality is so good, and I love carrying it around. A lot of people look at it!

Cordelia – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Great site! As the news about Bisphenol A hit the newspapers in Canada, many of my friends and I became very alarmed. We love your site and my husband and I have rid our entire kitchen of plastic. It actually wasn't that hard, to our surprise.

Rebecca – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you! I have been trying to live a "life without plastic" for awhile now, and finding your website has been such a relief.

Tracy – Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful gesture [of providing me with a complimentary cap]. It was a lack of foresight on my part and I had also forgotten that I wanted to replace my current plastic sport water bottle. May I add that I really do love the work you guys do – I can hardly find metal "anything" these days. It was most fortunate that I happened upon your booth at this year's Guelph Organic Conference else I'd never have found your wonderful products.

Sunny – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I just recieved my order this morning and I am very happy with everything. You have a new lifelong customer. I ordered the stainless steel storage container as a sample for myself as well as my mom and I will be ordering more when she is back in town, the quality is fantastic. Thank you and I will be in touch at the end of the month.

Crystal – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I just discovered your website today and I would like to say this is one of the most uplifting and inspiring efforts I've come across lately (and I recently read an article on solar powered street lights)! What you are doing hits home because it affects our daily food supply. And what a difference your little son has made in the world already, even though he probably has no idea! I signed up to be on your customer database. I look forward to whatever products you may be able to discover and will certainly keep my eyes open for any I may discover. Thank you so much for what you are doing – your philosophy, your approach and putting it all together to make concrete and workable alternatives available. Sincerely grateful.

Tamara – Stratford, Ontario, Canada

I came across your website while looking for bento boxes. I just had to e-mail to say that your website is inspiring. I browsed your website for only a few minutes when I declared, "I like these people!" I've been looking for alternatives to plastic as well and love stainless steel products. The best thing about your business is that you're Canadian! Yaaaaay!! I want to wish you well in your business, and I look forward to making some purchases in the near future.

Tracy – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I found out about your company on a news story that also featured Environmental Defence. I don't recall which program it was, but I'm so glad I caught it! My husband and I just recently learned about all the toxins in plastics (as well as household and personal care products) and we've been looking for alternatives, so I couldn't have learned about your company at a better time! I just ordered three water bottles from your site and I can't wait for them to come. I was so disappointed when I discovered my Nalgene bottle was hazardous after I thought I was being responsible for using it instead of disposables. Thank you for offering the products you do, and I will be back as we are planning to start a family soon and will need some safe baby products.

Courtney – Guelph, Ontario, Canada

I just placed an order & saw that you have country of origin labels on everything. That *is* cool. Thx!

LF, California, USA

Just wanted to say thanks for the great products & service. This is my second order form Life Without Plastic & I have recommended your products to my friends. I hope you continue to come up with more new products & keep up the great service. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the great products and service

Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful reply. Knowing you are so involved in your business from motivation other than just finances gives me great confidence in purchasing products from you. Thank-you and good luck with your endeavors!

Sonya – Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived in the mail today. Thank you very much for the excellent service (and product) that your company provided. All the best to you and your business.

Hernan – Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt and courteous service. I received the remainder of my order today & it was much appreciated. I will be placing a second order in the next few weeks & look forward to future products & your excellent service.

Leah – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for your dedication to providing non-plastic items for families and children. When my children (who are now 10 and 11 years old) were small, there was little or no information about the safety of plastics other than PVCs which leach pthalates. We were very careful to do our own research at the time and to avoid all PVC products and ensure that any plastic items that the girls used were polypropylene (Tupperware). We've since gotten rid of all the Tupperware and rely on various stainless products that we've purchased from Canadian Tire (camping dishes) as well as pyrex glass products (we've purchased a number of pyrex fridge storage containers over the years from antique stores and second-hand stores, as the older pieces have glass lids). Just wanted to let you know that I just received my items (2 15cm lunch boxes and 2 12oz Klean Kanteens) and they're now all washed and sitting in the drainer for my girls to make their school lunches in tomorrow morning! The lunch boxes look like they will fit my home made whole grain bread sandwiches just perfectly with a couple of carrot sticks and homemade cookies on top. Thanks again, look forward to seeing your upcoming products.

Lulu – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I've now been using your various stainless steel containers for a couple of months, and I'm delighted with them. The food is safer, it looks more appetizing, and it tastes better! I consistently hear from my colleagues at work: "Oh, you're the one with those containers in the fridge. Where did you get them?" I've forwarded your website to many, so you may hear more from Vancouver.

Lis – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I discovered you serendipitously, because I'd bought a Klean Kanteen and was looking for containers, which I'd seen someone using for their lunch, but had no idea where to get. A friend at work did a quick internet search and your URL came up first. I did searches after that ... and your name didn't come up first, if at all ... that's where the serendipity comes in. Best wishes for continued success – and congratulations on integrating your life with your work! Your website is excellent and has a really good "feel" to it.

Lis – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thanks so much for your response. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying increased business as a result of the publicity. Better that more people are aware of this important health concern. I received the package day before yesterday, and the medium-size Kleen Kanteen is sitting beside me as I type. I love them! Thanks for your professionalism and best wishes.

Amy (Teacher, Ottawa Catholic School Board) – Otta

I received my order yesterday and I am impressed by the quality of the items. Will purchase again.

Leo – Milton, Ontario, Canada

WOW – I am so surprised you replied to my concerns – so based on your assurances I am going to order a couple of things – many thanks – am sending your URL to friends and family.

Rene – Ontario, Canada

I am so happy that I stumbled across your website. I will be passing it on to many of my friends.

Jessica – Arlington, Virginia, USA

I just received my order today and... I am speechless at the level of integrity you have exhibited!!! Hats off to you, and hats off again. 'Everyone' in my office is going to hear about you and your products. Thank you so very much!

Shannon – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We received our Klean Kanteen bottles and stainless steel lunch box. We love them.

Maureen – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I received the bottle caps today. Thank you so much for making the extra effort to provide them for me. I will be sure to place future orders with your company and recommend you to all of my friends and family.

Bryce – Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Thanks so much. I placed the first order and then continued to look at all the other items and found more to order. I am happy to have found your website, thanks for the great products and great customer service!

Geri – Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

Wow, that's fantastic service! I wasn't expecting a refund [for the shipping difference when two orders were combined into a single package]. :)

Chad – Kanata, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the email notice, and I will gladly wait for my package. These bottles are for life, so I can handle the delay. To be honest, I am very impressed with how you do business. In the future, when I meet with clients here in my home studio, I will be sure to mention your company and products and the benefits of carrying your own safe drinking water.

Andre – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I just received my merchandise this week and I am very happy. I ordered a steel food storage container for my daughter who is starting J-K this Sept. and bowls for her and her little brother to use. I have created a link to your company on my website. Please check it out: https://www.freewebs.com/victra71/

Tracy – Ontario, Canada

Thanks for providing such an amazing service. Your website rocks.

Hugo – Miami, Florida, USA

Thank you so much for your very in-depth reply. I truly appreciate your concern for the quality of the products that you sell, as well as the fact that you find out what you can about the suppliers and manufacturers. Your diligence in these matter are quite impressive and I am sure I will be returning to your site to make a purchase soon.

Marion – Ontario, Canada

Your company has excellent customer service and fast shipping. I would highly recommend your company and have started to spread the news about plastic. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Kelly - Rockwood, Ontario, Canada