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Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit (Revised and Updated), by Beth Terry

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This book changed the way I see the world. Review by Angel
I bought this book at Barnes & Noble after spotting it on the shelf and reading that the book itself was made without plastic.

I love how simple the book is. It makes it so easy to believe that going plastic free is doable in a world saturated with the stuff. The author shares her journey, research, struggles, and sources of information, as well as showcasing individuals that are doing their own part in the plastic free movement. She writes it in a way that's good humored and relatable, while still bringing awareness to her readers and inspiring them to make small changes in their lives to bring them one step closer to their plastic free goal.

I learned so much from this book. I learned about different types of plastic, what harmful chemicals each of them contains, whether or not they are truly recyclable, and what kind of plastic free alternatives can replace what you currently own.

Several times throughout reading this book, I read something that made me want to put the book down, pick up my smartphone or open up my laptop, and do my own online research, whether it be product sites (such as this one), organization websites, or personal blogs about the movement. I've also watched a handful of documentaries that were mentioned within the book's pages.

All in all, this book has changed the way I see the world. Our plastic consumption is rather disgusting, harmful to ourselves, other wildlife, and the environment. We're all part of the problem and we should all try our best to be part of the solution. This book shows you that you can start with yourself, and in doing that, other people may notice what you're doing and you can spread forth that knowledge and hopefully bring plastic awareness to others and inspire change in them as well. In fact, my book is now being borrowed by another friend of mine, so it has already begun!

Life Without Plastic Response:

Wow, Angel, thanks for all the feedback. Beth will be thrilled to read your comments. It is a powerful book. And thank YOU for being on the cutting edge and leading the charge toward living plastic-free. You are an inspiration!

All the best on your plastic-free journey, and thank you for visiting us,

The Life Without Plastic Team (Posted on 5/19/2015)

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