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Our Vision

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Our VISION is a world without fossil fuel-derived plastic. Period. We work toward this VISION through the following QUEST and GUIDING PRINCIPLES.

Our QUEST (cue Lord of the Rings music now) is to help as many living beings as possible, including wildlife and the Earth, by encouraging decreased plastic use. We work and play to implement this Quest in the four following ways:

  • Helping people find safe, high quality, ethically sourced, Earth-friendly alternatives to plastic products through our online one-stop SHOP.
  • Helping people make educated life and purchasing decisions by providing them with INFO and resources on the health and environmental issues associated with plastics.
  • Helping people take ACTION by providing ways to take action to decrease plastic use and create tangible change at all levels - personal, local, regional, national, global...
  • Having fun embracing the beauty, quirkiness and spontanaeity of life, and laughing a lot while pursuing this Quest. A lifetime is too short not to laugh it forward. LOLellujah!

Four fundamental GUIDING PRINCIPLES lead us on our QUEST:

  • Health – We feel everyone has a right to a healthy existence. The environment and our bodies are regularly, and unfortunately increasingly, being bombarded by toxic human-made chemicals. As these chemicals accumulate in our bodies, they disrupt our health, even though we may not feel their actual physical effects for years following the exposure. If we can reduce the amount of plastic-derived chemicals entering our bodies, we believe this is a worthy step in the direction of improved global health. We love to eat, but not plastic.
  • Environment – We feel that the Earth, our sacred shared home, also has a right to a healthy existence. The Earth is suffering for the same reason our bodies are suffering. A sacred balance has been disturbed. Humanity’s insensitivity and reliance on fossil fuel-based products like plastic cause widespread pollution and energy wastage. If we can decrease the amount of plastic being produced from unsustainable Earth-scarring petroleum and natural gas, and being discarded into Earth-polluting landfills, this is a positive step in the direction of restoring the Earth to her natural, healthy state of being. We have a problem with wildlife being clothed - actually strait-jacketed and choked - in plastic bags and six-pack rings.
  • Integrity – We feel all businesses have a duty to treat their employees, clients and suppliers in a fair, respectful and compassionate manner. We feel ‘corporate social responsibility’ and ‘ethical business practices’ are not only more important than making money, they are the building blocks of true success. We pursue multiple, balanced bottom lines: environmental, social, financial, eductaional, activist, spiritual (we believe in interconnectedness)… We're green and we advocate washing on a regular basis, but we abhor greenwashing.
  • Community – We all share this Earth and this present moment – we are all interconnected. We are ONE. Each person's actions - regardless how small the action may appear - affect the whole. Why not live in a spirit of compassion, sharing and love? We cherish our local, regional and global communities, and are committed to nourishing them and giving back to them as we build meaningful, lasting, plastic-free relationships.

We do our best to follow these principles as we carry out the Quest of Life Without Plastic, yet we are not irrational purists. We are - as Frances Moore Lappé might say - eco-minded possibilists!*

Despite our hopeful vision, we realize that fossil-fuel derived plastics are not going to disappear completely right away. We recognize the benefits of plastic and the important roles it can play in society.

We are committed simply to building awareness about the dangers of plastic and the existence of healthier alternatives for everyday products. Healthier for the Earth, healthier for us all.

Every single one of us can make a tangible difference by taking action in some way to reduce plastic use.


* During an interview, Frances Moore Lappé once said, "I am a dyed-in-the-wool possibilist! By this, I mean with an eco-mind, we see that everything’s connected and change is the only constant. From there, something shifts for me. I can see that we’re all actually co-creating our future moment to moment — which feels like endless possibility." She describes the concept in more detail in her book EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want.