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Lanolin Oil in Glass Bottle - 4 oz

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Lanolin oil is used to restore the softness in wool and helps make it more waterproof. This will help keep you reusable wool diaper covers working at their best!

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    Lanolin Oil in Glass Bottle - 4 oz for wool preservation
  • https://www.lifewithoutplastic.com/store/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/b/g/bg_lanolin_bottle.jpg
    Glass bottle for Lanolin


Lanolin Oil is used to restore the softness in wool and helps make it more waterproof. It is a natural conditioner that comes from sheep.

This oil should be used once a month to help keep your reusable wool diaper covers working at their best and lasting longer!

The oil comes in a 4oz glass bottle with a plastic cap.

Lanolin is secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool bearing animals. It is used as a personal source of protection against the natural elements like rain, sleet, snow and other little critters! It is naturally antimicrobial, anti-fungal and water resistant. When wool is lanolized, wetness will activate the natural soap and makes it self cleaning with natural anti-microbial, anti-fungal and odor fighting properties.


1. Unsnap and spread out items (make sure they are dry)

2. Fill a basin with room temperature water ( Hot water will shrink wool)

3. Take a separate cup of very hot water and add a pea size of pure lanolin and stir well to dizzolve.

4. Once well dizolved and not too hot, add to basin and mix well

5. Place your wool in the basin, soaking it completely. Let it sit for at least 3 hours.

6. Lay the article in a clean, dry towel and roll it to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry. (Avoid wringing items out as this can cause items to become misshapen)

We feel extremely fortunate to have such a great supplier like Tia who actually special ordred glass bottles so that we could offer this product with the least amount of plastic possible! Hats off to Tia for going the extra mile!


* The green bottle in the image has been changed to a glass alternative which can be seen in the second image.

Additional Information

Dimensions 4oz
Materials Lanolin
Care Instructions No
Packaging Glass bottle with plastic cap
Country of Manufacture United States
Warranty No Warranty
Health & Environment BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free.

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