Win a Shopping Spree at Life Without Plastic

We have a winner!  Congratulations to Erin Stiles on winning the $50 coupon for the Life Without Plastic store!

Help us improve your Life Without Plastic experience... and win a plastic-free shopping spree!

Anyone who sends us a comment about our new website by email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or on this blog post will receive one entry to win a $50 coupon to use in the Life Without Plastic web store.

The comments can be as simple as "nice layout" or "that color scheme needs work" or describe a typo or a display/navigation/technical issue . . . anything you see that you think could be improved.

We know we're not perfect -- thankfully, how boring that would be! -- so any feedback is deeply appreciated.

The contest runs for the next two weeks, until Friday, 25 April 2014, and on that day we will randomly choose the winner from all entries.