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We believe generous giving is absolutely necessary. It is part of leading a healthy life, and running a healthy business.

We regularly give to numerous organizations, charities and causes in various ways:  time, money, products, expertise, promotion.

A few of the organizations we have given to include:  Plastic Pollution Coalition, Environmental Defence, The 5Gyres Institute, Algalita Marine Research Institute, Breast Cancer Fund, Ottawa Riverkeeper, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Surfrider Foundation, Grist.

We often provide products for charitable events in support of environmental and health-related causes, especially when there is a link to plastics issues.

If you wish to be considered for a donation, please send us an e-mail ( info@lifewithoutplastic.com ) with the details of your organization and event.

We cannot guarantee we will donate to your organization or cause, but we will seriously consider your request.