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Copper Cloths for Cleaning - Pack of 2

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Warranty: One Year



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The miracle of gentle, effective copper for scrubbing clean pots, pans, dishes, cooking surfaces, chrome car and motorcycle trim (seriously).

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    Copperware Cloths Set of 2


Non-plastic durable scrub sponges are very hard to find. You may still be able to find some steel wool ones but they rust easily and are not extremely durable - and can be very abrasive, damaging cookware. We found one that is not perfect, but it's much better than most. And it's very good at what it does.

This scrub cloth is made of 85% copper and 15% polyester threading. Yes, there is plastic in it, but we decided to carry it because it is such an improvement over what is out there. The company tried natural fibres instead of polyester, but they just would not hold the copper in place. The added benefit is that these cloths are slightly more gentle on more fragile items than the 100% copper scrubbers.

These copper cloths are durable and machine-washable (up to 60 degrees Celsius). They clean pots, pans, ovens, ceramic cooktops, glass, stainless steel...thoroughly and gently.

Jay's ever-innovative mother has discovered that these copper clothes are magnificent for removing tea and coffee stains from cups and teapots. Because copper is a soft metal that is non-abrasive, its fine copper threads loosen even the most stubborn dirt carefully.

Please note, that these scrubbers may scratch surfaces they are used on, but not nearly as readily as would steel wool. Comes in a pack of 2.


Length x Width: 14 x 15 cm / 5.5" x 5.9"
Weight:  0.045 kg / 0.1 lb

Additional Information

Dimensions ​Length x Width: 14 x 15 cm / 5.5" x 5.9"
Weight: 0.045 kg / 0.1 lb
Materials Made of 85% woven copper fibre and 15% polyester threading.
Care Instructions No
Packaging Cardboard label sleeve.
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Warranty One Year
Health & Environment BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free. Recyclable.

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