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Our Happy Friendly Team

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We'd like to introduce you to our plastic-free team!

Here are the happy friendly folks who bring Life Without Plastic to LIFE...

ChantalChantal Plamondon

Chantal is Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Life Without Plastic with business partner Jay Sinha.  She is the CEO and does, well, all kinds of things. She works on product sourcing, accounting, purchasing, marketing, website development and business development. She is passionate about the big picture and new visions for LWP. When not working on the business, she loves playing with her son, doing anything related to tennis (she has been known to stay up all night watching the Australian Open), and developing her practice as a trademark lawyer. Follow her on twitter at @chantal_lwp



Jay Sinha

Jay is Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Life Without Plastic with business partner Chantal Plamondon. He has a background in biochemistry, ecotoxicology and law. Despite luddite tendencies, he embraces technology, but has no problem turning off his iPhone and unplugging. He loves nature and all its seasons. He dreams about Teslas with his car crazy son. 




CharithaCharitha Ea

Charitha joined our team as the customer service lead in June 2013, and we've since wondered how we managed to run things without her. She is the warm and friendly voice that you will likely speak to if you contact us through our customer service line. She helps with a myriad of other tasks including researching content for the website. She enjoys expanding her knowledge of the dangers of plastics on health and the environment.



AliseAlise Marlane Bowler

Alise has been helping us out in many ways since 2008. She is the artist behind LWP's fun, earthy image. We love her humour and the beauty of her work. She designed this new website and she continues to help us with our graphic design needs despite her busy schedule as a singer and songwriter, freelance graphic designer and Indian food chef, among other things.



JudyJudy McMillan

Judy has been adding debit and credit columns for us since 2008 and she still smiles and makes us laugh. When she is not counting and deducting numbers, or having high tea (with or without the Queen), she really really enjoys filling up the bird feeder, just like in the photo (even when it's cold outside and there's no seed left to add to the birdfeeder). She is such a fun and funny person, that we sometimes need a good dose of Judy to keep us going.


CraikCraik Pyke

Craik joined our team two years ago as a consultant when we began to rethink our whole website and he has been supporting our efforts tirelessly ever since. He is used to panicky messages at 11:00 pm when something blows up, and he always replies almost instantaneously and supports us with the calm of the Dalai Lama. You can find him on LinkedIn at ca.linkedin.com/in/craikpyke/.