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Le Parfait Glass Jar - 500 ml / 16 oz

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The perfect line of plastic-free, durable, and airtight glass jars! These Le Parfait jars are wide-mouthed and straight-walled which makes them easy to fill and empty. Made in France, this 500 ml / 16 oz eco-friendly jar is medium sized and extremely versatile.

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    Le Parfait Glass Jar - 500 ml / 16 oz


This line of Le Parfait Super Terrine glass jars are a sustainable alternative to plastic storage for leftovers and bulk food. These jars are made of durable 100% mineral, soda-lime-silica glass and are designed in a way to be easy to use. They have a wide mouthed opening which makes it simple to fill without spilling and the jars have straight sides taper inwards ever so slightly towards the bottom which makes it very easy to pour contents out.

These jars have a removable and replaceable orange rubber ring which helps create an airtight seal and allows for long-term preservation. This ring seals much more tightly than conventional mason jars and is much more reliably used for food storage or preservation. The rubber is a vulcanized synthetic natural rubber (latex-free) approved for contact with foodstuffs. 

They are perfect for DIY mixes, layered desserts, bulk shopping, food preservation, or even decor. Le Parfait jars are those preferred by culinary experts.

To wash these jars, simply remove the ring and either wash by hand or wash the jar alone in the dishwasher. Please note that many harsh dishwasher detergents can cause the metal wire hinge to slightly oxidize. It id not a structural concern but may change the wire visually with white spotting.

Height: 107 mm / 4.25"
Inner diameter: 100 mm / 4"
Volume:  500 ml / 16 oz
Tare weight: 1.35 lb / 0.61 kg

Replacement ring size: 100 mm / 3.94"

The lids and metal hinges are non-replaceable but the rubber rings can be replaced.

Additional Information

Dimensions Height: 107 mm / 4.25"
Inner diameter: 100 mm / 4"
Volume: 500 ml / 16 oz
Materials The glass is a 100% mineral, soda-lime-silica glass. The rubber is a vulcanized synthetic natural rubber (latex-free) approved for contact with foodstuffs.
Care Instructions Remove rubber ring and wash jars by hand or in the dishwasher (dishwasher may cause hinge to oxidize).
Packaging None.
Country of Manufacture France
Warranty No Warranty
Health & Environment BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free.

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