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Life Without Plastic Gift Registry


Getting married? Having a baby? Celebrating an anniversary? A birthday? A graduation? A new day of glorious plastic-free life?

Whatever the occasion, if you're looking for a way to invite the folks in your life to celebrate with you through meaningful gifts that you know you will appreciate and use, a Life Without Plastic Gift Registry is just for you.   

It's easy to set up, manage and send to your friends and family...

  • Once you've arrived at your Account Dashboard, click on the "My Gift Registry" link in the left sidebar menu at the bottom.
  • Now you are in your very own gift registry and all you have to do is fill in a few details so folks will know it is you (and your partner if that is the case) and what the event is. So click on the link at the top called Registry Information, and enter the relevant information to set up your registry.
  • You can make it a public registry that anyone can find if they do a search on the public Gift Registry search page, or it can be private, accessible only by those who have your unique gift registry ID or the direct link to your gift registry.
  • Now that your gift registry is set up you can go into the Life Without Plastic Store and begin adding products to your registry. Just below every product title and in every product description is a "Add to Registry" button, so just click away if you see something you like. (Note that you must be logged into your account to add to your registry)
  • Once you've filled your registry with products you would love to receive, you can head back to your Gift Registry, and you will see all the products you just added. There you can add a note for each product and specify desired quantities, or if you changed your mind on something, remove it from the list.
  • Now you're ready to send it out to your tribe! Within your registry, click on the link at the top called "Tell About Your Registry." There is a sample message we've set up for you - you can edit it or create your own from scratch. Then just click on "Send e-mail" at the bottom and off it goes. You can also share it via Facebook and Twitter from this page. You can also send it to people from your personal e-mail by sending them the "Direct Link" to your registry, which you can find on your Registry Information page. Or you can give them your "Registry ID," which they simply enter on this public Gift Registry search page.
Voilà! Done!
Your tribe is informed and you can check back in your registry at any time to see what they've chosen. Just let us know if ever you have any questions.
Now you need to get going on planning the rest of your event!! ;)
All the best for a stupendous "plastic-free" celebration!
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