21 November 2012 -- Foster a new symbiotic relationship with the bees using this plastic-free re-usable food wrap made of a blend of cotton and hemp canvas impregnated with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. You can use it to cover your left over food in glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers. Or to package a sandwich or a light dry snack.

Beeswax Flat

Simply use the warmth of your hands and some gentle pressure to shape the wrap around your food or dishes to protect. The flat will stiffen as it cools.

We are introducing 4 different food wrapping products:

1) The Flats

Use these wrap sheets for protecting the contents of your lidless leftover dishes.
 These are pliable enough to wrap around oddly shaped items like, for example, half a watermelon or cucumber. Perfect for protecting cheese. Each package contains 3 flats with the following dimensions: one 18 X 18 cm / 7 X 7" flat (small) one 25 X 25 cm / 10 X 10" flat (medium) one 33 X 33 cm / 13 X 13" flat (large).  They are sized to adapt to the various containers you have at home from small to large. Available here for $16.95.

2) The Sandwich Wrap

The Sandwich Wrap is perfect for toting sandwiches, vegetables and more! Just place your food in the middle, bring the two sides together and fold firmly with the warmth of your hands to seal. Bring up the two others sides and secure with the string.  Each measures 38 X 33 cm / 15" X 13". Available here for $16.95.

3) The Snack Wrap

Beeswax Snack Wrap

The Snack Wrap is great for toting snacks like peanuts, fruit or veggie slices. This unique pouch is designed to lay flat for handy cleaning. Just follow the instructions included in the package to recreate the pouch. Very easy! One snack wrap holds 3/4 cup serving. Available here for $12.95.

4) The Giants

We also have this extra large model that is perfect for wrapping all kinds of large and oddly-shaped items such as bread, cheese, dishes of lasagna, watermelons and more! You can use two of them for extra large bread loaves or other "ginormous" items. You may also cut out the giant flats to customize them for your special needs. Use pressure and the warmth of your hands to form the flat around the item you want to store in an airtight way. 
Each package contains: 2 red giant wraps measuring 33 X 51 cm / 13" X 20". Available here for $24.95. 

Made in Canada.