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Apple Apps

  • TapIt Metro DC

A water bottle refilling network that allows you to fill your reusable bottle on the go. Simply take your reusable bottle into any of our partner cafes and fill it up with clean tap water for FREE! TapIt’s GPS locator shows you the closest places to fill your bottle based on your current location.

  • Plastic Guide

By Bruder or iphone and ipads

  • Gimme 5 - #5

This app aims at helping the user find location for recycling #5 plastics.


Android Apps

  • Plastic Guide

This is a guide about how plastics are made and what they are made of. It does not discuss the toxicity of plastic types. This app is intended to inform the user about plastics and processing methods.

  • Daily Recycling: Plastics

This app offer users various way of using discarded plastics to transform them into new functional objects or pieces of art.

  • Plastic Identification Codes

With this application you can:
- search for plastic codes
- see description, statistic about them
- see the formula for them
- what products are made by them
- see which are safe to use.

  • Plastic Analyzer

This app was created to help the user asses the quality of the plastic he/she is using on a daily basis.

  • Plastic Guide

This app shows a list of plastic recycling symbols. It has information as to what temperatures are safe, what the plastics are commonly used for, and the estrogenic action effects and estrogenic potential for each category.

  • Estrogen and Plastics

This app came about as the author was doing research for the Plastics Guide app.

  • Plastic Identification Guide

With the help of this app you will be able to find out what almost any kind of plastic is. With tried and tested techniques any unknown plastic sample will become known in a few simple steps. To use this app correctly all you will need is a Jug of water, a lighter, a small sample of the unidentified plastic, and all necessary safety equipment. This is an essential tool for anyone in the plastic industry anyone wanting to learn more about polymers.

  • Plastic Bag Buster

An application to allow the user to calculate the number of plastic bags he/she saves from the landfill.

  • Plastic Recycling Ideas

This application compiles videos about plastic recycling ideas