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  • Clean Bin Project (https://cleanbinproject.com/)

    Jen, Grant and Rhyannon had the goal to try to live one year without generating any waste. They blogged about it and made a documentary film about it. But at the end of the year, we just couldn't stop. So they are still blogging about it. We hosted their documentary when they came to Wakefield for a screening. A very inspiring team!

  • No Plastic Project (https://www.noplasticproject.ca/)

    Action and reflection on getting plastic out of our lives, landfills and oceans... starting with our own homes and neighbourhood.

  • Plastic Manners (https://plasticmanners.wordpress.com/)

    One day not so long ago, Taina Uitto had this idea that she would join the ranks of the others making changes, drastic by many standards, when the world around them simply doesn’t feel right.  Starting January 1st 2010, she embarked on a year without plastics. And she still blogs about it.

  • PlasticLess (https://plasticless.com/)

    Tips and strategies to help the environment by cutting back on plastic in our everyday lives.

  • Plastic Is Rubbish (https://plasticisrubbish.wordpress.com/)

    Two adults who like their food and refuse plastic products whenever and wherever they can. They source biodegradable, compostable alternatives and blog about them.

  • The Rubbish Diet (https://therubbishdiet.blogspot.ca/)

    The author of this blog took the challenge to create zero waste. That was in 2008, but she is still blogging about it.