27 June 2012 -- When we started LifeWithoutPlastic.com in 2005 and went live with our first website in 2006, we had posted on
Freezycup_with_sticks_and_gaskets our wish list of products that we were working on a "plastic-free popsicle mold". It took us a long time to finally come up with an ice pop mold without plastic because we kept looking for a supplier outside of China. After many disappointing attempts, we finally decided to have it made in China as long as we had assurances from the supplier that working conditions for workers were ethical and that the product would pass the CPSIA tests with flying colours. We were impressed with the manfacturer and their willingness to work with us to make this product as healthy and versatile as possible out of high quality components.

Freezycup_in_sandwbox_250We are pleased to introduce the FreezycupTM, a plastic-free, BPA-free, freezer lollipop mold that is more than just a mold for popsicles. It can also be used as a drinking cup and your child can rest his popsicle in it when (s)he needs to do something else. We like to ensure our products have more than one life, so when your children are done with popsicles, the cups can be used as fun party glasses. 

There are lots of popsicle molds out there, but this one is truly unique. Made with high quality, food grade, 18-8 (304) stainless steel.Tested in a third party accredited laboratory to ensure the Freezycup™ is lead and phthalate-free in compliance with the U.S.Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (2008) (CPSIA) and the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA).Just a few seconds of under the tap hot water treatment and the ice pop comes out like magic, thanks to the heat conductivity of the stainless steel. 

Some parents have asked us how to deal with freezers that don't have a flat Freezycup_in_cup5_150surface - how to prevent the mold from tipping over? Many economical and versatile options are available. One can use our stainless steel sandwich box which has a flat bottom and can be laid down on the freezer shelf. Another option is to use a larger cup, such as our 200 ml children's cup. With these two solutions, there is no need to invest in a tray, the sole use of which is as a popsicle tray. Once the summer season is over, you have a sandwich box or a kid's cup you can use.

Check out the little video we made with enchanting music from our in-house graphic design artist and musicienne extraordinaire, Alise Marlane.


Let us know what you think.

Chantal Plamondon, Co-Owner