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5 Gyres Face to Fish Infographic

Tuesday, Aug 26 2014, 02:27PM

5Gyres Face to Fish Microbeads Infographic

Share this microbead plastic pollution Infographic created by the The 5 Gyres Institute and help spread the word about an enormous problem threatening the worlds aquatic environments.

Read more about how you can help Ban the Bead...

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Plastic in the Oceans

Friday, Aug 1 2014, 04:16PM

Plastic bullet in North Atlantic


Plastic is being found in marine environments all over the world.

It is breaking down into microscopic particles, being eaten by aquatic wildlife (who then sink and die), attaching to other objects, and washing ashore.  

(Photo credit: 5Gyres.org)

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Plastic FREE July Challenge and Giveaway

Sunday, Jul 27 2014, 01:50AM

Plastic Free July Challenge + GiveawayYes, it's Plastic FREE July, and there is less than a week left to enter the Challenge and Giveaway organized by BALM! Baby, a company specializing in natural baby care products, and which uses non-plastic packaging.

There are fabulous prizes to be had, including a set of our Freezycup Ice Pop Molds... 

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Microbeads being banned all over

Wednesday, Jun 25 2014, 05:05PM
Microbeads - 5GyresThe past few weeks have been busy and exciting on the plastic microbead front! 
Microbeads are the ludicrous little plastic particles used as scrubbing agents in a variety of personal care products ranging from body scrubs to toothpaste. They are washed down the drain and end up in waterways where they absorb toxins and are ingested by fish.
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Why the food revolution and living without plastic go hand in hand..

Monday, May 5 2014, 07:29PM

Apples in PlasticDo you know what's in your food? I mean what's really in it? Are you aware of every single ingredient, where it came from, how it was made, how it will affect your health - as opposed to what the flashy label on the package may proclaim?

Here's another question: Do you know what's in the plastic holding your food?

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