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Dizolving the Laundry Detergent Eco-Disaster

Monday, May 25 2015, 03:34PM

Dizolve Eco-Strips Laundry DetergentLaundry detergents are a major plastic waste culprit.

Get this:  In Canada alone, approximately 94 million plastic 1.5L / 50 fl. oz. plastic laundry jugs end up in landfills each year - or potentially as plastic pollution in the broader environment.

There is now an eco-friendly solution that eliminates all plastic waste - and cleans beautifully.


(Image credit: Dizolve)

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Plastic Runs In My Family, And Yours Too

Monday, Apr 13 2015, 02:56PM

Bound Brook New Jersey Plastic Plant - Bakelite SmokestackEnvironmental Sociologist Rebecca Altman and her father pay a visit to the plastic plant where he worked for a decade making polystyrene.

This is not just any plastic plant - it is the birthplace of modern plastics.

Many interesting reflections ensue.

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Does Less Plastic Mean More Happiness?

Friday, Mar 20 2015, 10:24AM

Bhutan Landscape - Simon Roberts - NY TimesIn our experience, yes, but it's not that simple.

Looking at efforts and ideas ranging from the Kingdom of Bhutan to Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project to Pharrell Williams Raw for the Oceans, this post examines how the correlation between using less plastic and happiness is valid and important, but not always so easy to implement, and requires a broader perspective.

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(Photo Credit: Simon Roberts, The New York Times)





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The Problem with BPA is a Complex One

Tuesday, Mar 10 2015, 07:17PM

Plastic bottles can contain traces of BPA, which leach out when the plastic is heated.

This guest post by writer and photographer Daniela Ginta provides a solid overview of the pernicious issue of bisphenol A (BPA), including links to some of the latest opinions and research.

There is a lot of it out there in our everyday lives, and it is one to avoid as much as possible.

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You(th) are the Solution to Plastic Ocean Pollution

Friday, Feb 20 2015, 05:19PM

POPS-Youth-Summit-Jack-Johnson"I'm optimistic after hanging out with these kids today." 

Those are the words of musician/eco-crusador Jack Johnson during the 2014 Plastic Ocean Pollution Solutions (POPS) Youth Leadership Summit organized by Algalita Marine Research and Education.

Youth from around the globe meet in Long Beach, California on February 27th for the 2015 POPS Summit.

Read about how they are changing the world...

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